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A4 Dinosaurs Riso Print

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How cute are these little dinosaurs from Alex Willmore?! Our favourite is the little white chap at the front - how adorable are is horns?!

If you receive one of our riso prints and find there are slight misalignments and added texture to the print, don’t fret. Our riso prints (short for risograph prints) are created using a rolling process where each colour is layered individually, meaning that the process is as close to handmade as we can get.

Variation and diversity is part of the charm of riso printing. It means that the print that you receive is always completely one of a kind and unique to you, and who doesn't want that!

Product Specifications

M.O.Q. 6
Size A4
Artist Alex Willmore
Dimensions 297.0mm 210.0mm 1.0mm
Recipient Friend Husband Wife Boyfriend Girlfriend Son Daughter Sister Brother Mum Dad Grandparent Couples Partner Workmate Teacher LGBTQ+ Grandson Granddaughter Aunt Uncle Nephew Niece Cousin
Finishes Risograph