Christmas Greeting Card orders: lead times and best dates to order stock by

Looking to order Christmas Cards? Well, you're too late!!

...Not really. Did we get there for a second? 

Whilst it most certainly is not too late, it is true that there is a trend for planning Christmas well ahead of time - around 20% of customers buy in December or January. This is why we release our Christmas collection for pre-order 11-12 months before Christmas. This way you secure stock but don't pay for it until you need it.
We'd like to be sure we're not the reason you can't begin planning early.

Every business is different and we recognise that, so if you've been putting it off October really is the time to start buying your Christmas greeting cards, bags, and gifts!

The public are planning earlier as they look to spread the cost of Christmas over a longer period of time so if you get your wholesale cards now you can start stocking up your shop in October/November and give your customers plenty of time to get their Christmas shopping sorted.

Our range of wholesale Christmas Cards has been available for many months but it's now when we really start to market the collection so you will see more and more Christmas themed advertising from us between now and Christmas.

We will be available for delivery right up until Christmas, so we've got your re-stocks covered. Plus, you can order as much or as little as you need due to there being no minimum spend!

  •  The ideal date to order Christmas stock: 

As we mentioned above, October is a great time to start place your Christmas stock orders. Prepping now will give you enough time to get your displays ready, identify gaps in product offering and give your customers plenty of opportunities to shop.
Plus, if you notice lines flying off the shelves, you'll have loads of time to re-stock and make the most of your card sales. From a publishing perspective, this also means our re-stock process can begin earlier as we get a very true picture of demand right across the collection.

  •  Christmas stock you can get from Ohh Deer: 

At Ohh Deer, we're well and truly ready for Christmas 2023.

We have a range of awesome new Christmas Cards for 2023, including hilarious Ken the Cat and Steven Rhodes lines, and cute Angela Rozelaar and Gemma Correll designs.



We also have brand-new Charity Card Packs carefully designed by talented artists, and a percentage of every sale supports UKHarvest a not-for-profit perishable food rescue operation and education charity.

Last but not least, we have quirky Christmas Gift Bags to complete your festive range!

  • Last posting dates for Christmas stock at Ohh Deer:

Ohh Deer offers a fast turnaround and delivery on orders, and this remains the case even close to Christmas. In fact, you can order stock right up until Christmas week without any worry, and we'll even give you free UK delivery on orders over £150! 

Last shipping date:

- Standard UK delivery - Thursday the 21st of December.

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