Greetings cards: The best ways to display and sell them

Whether you sell greeting cards or are thinking of selling them, getting the most bang for your buck is very high, if not top, on your list of considerations.

But what is the best way to display cards and how much money could you be making from the variety of displays on offer?

Alex Turner, the Sales Manager at Ohh Deer breaks down the different options.

“We’re in the unique position of having had a bricks and mortar store ourselves so we know how important it is to maximise every square foot when you’re spending so much money to rent. As well as our retail background, we sell to independents, small chains and large corporations around the world - so we’ve gathered together all the data and direct feedback to put it together in this easy to digest summary.”

Best for small spaces

Winner: Countertop display units

Small counter top display unit with greeting cards

Make the most of small spaces by displaying a large amount of cards in a compact way.

Use cases include:

i) adding one to your till/checkout space and

ii) utilising a small area on an existing table.

Countertop display units come in a variety of styles and sizes, but typically a 4 tier version is the biggest you’ll see. A 4-tiered version holding standard A6 designs could be making you £495 per square foot* so they’re a good investment.

If that floats your boat, we have a couple of great plywood examples, lovingly engraved with the Ohh Deer logo.Ours come in both 3 tier or 4 tier options.

*Square footage was calculated using the base dimensions of a standard unit resulting in 1.13sq.

Best for large spaces

Winner: Wall panels

Wall display unit full of greeting cards with a customer

Now, if you want to generate a lot of revenue from cards and have walls you’re not using to display products, then a wall panel is the way to go.

A6 cards are the preference for the customers we’ve spoken to because you can fit ⅓ more cards per row, therefore increasing potential profitability by 50%.

Wall panels come in varying sizes, which is great because you can get something very close to fitting your wall space.

We offer our very own wall panels and, as we understand that all shops have different requirements, they can be custom made to ensure you completely maximise the available space. Our standard size accommodates 672 A6 cards and could be making you just shy of £2,000 per unit.

See our Wooden Wall Panel here

Best Portable Units

Winner: Greeting card hanger

Animated image of our folding clip hanger full of greeting cards

We’d been receiving feedback from our industry and in wider circles that there was a need for something that could be used to display cards at the end of an aisle, the side of a shelving unit or off the customer facing side of the till counter.

This led to us to designing the  portable greeting card hanger. The early feedback has been really pleasing and the units, which hold 84 cards, can be hung to any surface with a simple No-More-Nails hook

The hanger comes pre-loaded, so all you need to do is pop it on the wall and it's ready to go. Taking up very little space, it has been our top selling display since it was launched earlier this year and will make you just shy of £250 per unit.

Gift Bags 

Gift bag hanger display unit


Gift bags can be a great year round addition to any location dealing in gifting products. Come for the gift, leave with the gift, a card… and a gift bag!

However, they can be troublesome to display and the stands available are often plastic🤮 and also don’t look very attractive... But we have a solution.

Made from Birch, our stylish Gift Bag ‘Tree’ holds 168 bags. So, assuming you’re selling a mixture of large and small bags you’d be making almost £700 from a single unit.

See our Gift Bag Tree here.

Best Overall

Winner: Spinners

Card spinner display unit filled with greeting cards

By far the most popular display unit was the greeting card spinner. They are used by customers around the world to great effect. Spinners are both a space saver and a very easy way to display a large amount of cards, almost as many as a wall unit.

Again, there are so many options to choose from - at varying price points and materials (metal, plastic and wood).

We offer two distinct spinner types: - Standard, which holds 576 cards and a Cath Kidston Spinner holding 624 cards.

A standard spinner makes approx £1,700 and the Cath Kidston spinner just over £1,800. You could retail the larger Cath cards at £3.50 which a number of our customers have reported, to make a whopping £2,200 per spinner.

Hopefully, some of that information is useful when deciding what might be the best display unit for your shop. To discuss bespoke units or if you have any questions about our display options, shoot us a question over at 

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