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8x6 Art Print Countertop Display

8x6 Art Print Countertop Display

Designed by: Ohh Deer

Due to popularity, this product is currently out of stock. It's expected to be back in stock soon.

Introduce the wonderful world of Art Prints into your shop with this handy countertop display unit!

Order 72 Large Riso Prints and this unit is all yours free of charge!

Width: 53cm,  Height: 27cm, Depth: 33cm 

Please Note: This display unit will provided free of charge via a lease from Ohh Deer. This means that the unit remains the property of Ohh Deer and you agree that you will only use this unit for displaying products from Ohh Deer. Failure to do so will result in us charging you the full price for the unit or you will be required to return it to us.



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